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Default Re: With so Many Mod Tweaks for Crysis which is proven to be the best one thus so far

Originally Posted by wrathofgod View Post
Try changing these in the config file and you should pick up some frames.




Still looks great, even after changing these settings.
You could also try these if you want a few extra fps without any image loss.

e_proc_vegetation=0 <----this removes underwater plants fyi.

If using my water reflection tweaks, you can return to default for more performance. I love them as the reflections look much better and dont update while moving.

r_WaterReflectionsMinVisiblePixelsUpdate=3" change to 0.05
r_WaterUpdateDistance=-1" change to 0.2

If the 3d wave effect is to much in small ponds change this cmd.

e_phys_ocean_cell=0.2 to 0.5

Hope this helps out, and thanks for trying the configs.
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