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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Ok lets say you're right.
Before I did reply I noticed you're going out of your way warning people about the microstuttering and what they should or shouldn't buy. So it almost looked to me like you have an agenda.

Ok lets say you're very nice guy helping people to save money.

But that also is not the case. Your signature SLI/Crossfire FTL! is no more warning. Telling people after the fact they purchased the 2 card system that they're losers doesn't help them any.
On top most off them are probably very happy with what they have so why try to spoil the fun.

The bottom line is why do you think calling people losers is any better than calling them crazy? plus the crazy calling was only your conclusion.

Good call Heinz68, he is also slamming the HD 4870X2 in a completely different thread and calling it the king of Microstutter

Sounds like he is having buyers remorse over his 2 GTX 280's.
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