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Default Re: 1680x1050: SLI 260GTX ir single 280GTX?

Originally Posted by rhuala View Post
What Lfctony you're recommending SLI, wtf??

You had me sold on staying away from SLI with all the micro stuttering issues you've had, did you get them resolved?
I'm not recommending SLI, I'm just saying it's better to get 1x280 now and add a second one later if he wants, vs 2x260s right now.

Unfortunately, I was unable to resolve my issues. It might have been my board, I don't know. I ended up taking one of the two cards out and I went back to my G31 value board. I might get myself a 780i board from eVGA (I have some store credit), though I'm quite cautious about it...

Anyway, I tend to notice these stuff a lot, have an eye for detail you might say. I also tend to obsess about stuff that bother me, while other people would not have noticed it at all or just plain not let it bother them.
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