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I just hope they get some server/multiplayer issues worked out soon. I just got done playing DM online for 2 hours on various servers, and was dropped from games 6 times!!! Twice the game locked up on me, I could still move around an the sound effects from shooting were there, but the other players in the game weren't moving.

Overall, I think this will be a good game when it's finished. I liked UT (although I was late in switching over from Quake), and this looks like a worthy successor. It runs very smooth on my machine with a AXP 1900+, nForce, 512 RAM, and GF4 440MX w/40.41's at 1024x768.

[edit]Just checked the fps and it averages between 40-50fps on the above specs...not bad for not having anything o/c'd at the moment.[/edit]

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