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Default Re: NVDIA or ATI (over Linux)

Originally Posted by gradinaruvasile View Post
I recently changed from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu 7.10 and now 8.04) and i found the Nvidia drivers work flawlessly (except the 169.12 drivers stripey textures, but installed 173.08 and fixed it) .
Bought a laptop with ATI 7500 Mobility vidcard, installed Ubuntu 804 and guess what - i cant make the ATI proprietary drivers work with it (it seems it is not supported.... ).
That's my experience...
So... Nvidia is better supported from my point of view.
Heh, how interesting! My laptop with ATI 7500 Mobility works perfectly but I can't get my Nvidia card to work at all in my desktop nor have I gotten any response from a direct message to Nvidia support nor from the forum. Neither computer has Windows so don't know how/if they work with it.
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