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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Jesus Christ. Nobody is calling people losers. FTL is For the Loss. I don't consider it the best thing around, hence my signature...
2. My point Xion X2 is not whether people should notice it and we should have research and all that... The point is it's an issue that's present, some people notice it and companys like Nvidia and ATI should deal with it, make it one of their priorities... That's my "agenda" Heinz68, if you're looking for one.
3. Dookika, you're new here, so you're excused for not knowing the reason I own a second GTX280. I didn't expect my GTX280 to be accepted by BFG for an RMA. So I got another one. When the first card also came back, I decided to try SLI. No buyer's remorse here, because SLI was not what I intended to do.

And all of you choose to forget certain parts of my posts, while you pick on others... Notice that I said that I will give SLI another try once drivers have matured... What does that mean? Well it means giving SLI the benefit of the doubt and a chance to impove by the time I decide to give it another go.

Anyway, I'll stop. I'll remove my signature since it bothers people so much. You guys keep ignoring an issue, just because it doesn't bother you or you haven't experienced it. We'll see how you choose to react when you face a problem nobody seems to care about.

Props to you for fixing your sig as you might not agree but it did make you look like you were bashing on multi GPU setups, so again, thanks for fixing it.

Some people like multi GPU setups and others like you and I are content with just 1 powerful GPU. To each his own is what I say.
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