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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf View Post
Open up dvdfab, choose the disc location (disc source, up top in the centre) then on the left side, down in the second selection part under DVD to Mobile, click generic.

It'll give you a list of video locations from the disc, and have the largest one (the movie) selected. Then select audio input (should have the first one ticked), then underneath audio, it'll have the Sub selections. Untick those if you don't want subs on your movie.

Click next, then click configure. Up the top, next to generic is a dropdown list of your audio selections. Choose either H.264 Mp3 or AAC, then name it as you wish. Under that is your options for screen size and encoding size.

I usually use Fixed bitrate and use between 1024 - 1280 for best results. Select your screen size and sized aspect ratio. Leave framerate same as source. With Audio format, select the largest one, which provides best audio quality, and you can even increase the amount of volume from the original disc. If you deselected the Subs in movie selection screen, then subpicture is not configurable.

When all done with that, hit OK, then hit start.

When all is finished, Output file goes to "C:\Users\*****\Documents\DVDFab\"
Thanks! I'll give it a shot now.
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