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Default Re: 1680x1050: SLI 260GTX ir single 280GTX?

A) Ive used SLI for 2 generations of Nvidia cards now and I have no issues with it what so ever. In fact the performance output of my SLI'd 9600GTs is so outstanding, I've kept them MUCH longer then I intended. I was going to trade up with the EVGA step up program but that point is WAY long gone because there was no need to upgrade at that time.

B) There is no way in hell I'm changing my motherboard.

C) I've yet to encounter a single issue about my RAM. 2GB is still more then enough for gaming which is the most intensive thing I do on my PC.
Ultra M998 mid-ATX case
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2x EVGA 9600GT SC in SLI (750/1100Mhz over-clock)
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