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i've been a long time unreal tournament player for the last 3 years. and at first impressions i was disapointed to be truthful. performance was as expected, 154 in flyby and 51 in botmatch at 800x600. not good but not bad. it ran too my suprise incredibly smooth. i'm sure it is smoother than when ut first came out on top of the line hardware at the time. the game seems to have gotten alot of influence in quake, the rocket launcher is very similar to quake 3's rocket launcher. i thought the game didn't have that same effect as playing unreal tournament for the first time had on me. it was very innovative and different. ut2k3 is quake 3 + ut on steroids. not innovative at all. the game speed seems too fast for comfort, it takes away from what made ut as tactical as it was, and more enjoyable for me than the fast paceness of quake 3. the all-time favorite shock rifle was reduce to nothing but a piece of **** gun somewhat useful for killing the newbie who just stands there. for such a fast pace game, a slow paced shock rifle is not useful at all. no assault, but i can live without as a mod is in the works.

however, after playing for awhile, the fast paceness of the guns was easily adjustable too, and for a long time ut player, there was much more action and it kinda made the game exciting. instagib is interesting as the beam last longer and eliminates the camping you sometimes notice in gib. bombing run is excellent, finally something extremely innovate, it is a game that really depends on teamwork when many players are involved, and tests your ability to dodge, and run around in maps when there are 6 or less players. still the shock rifle is gay, it is slow as a turtle and a piece of crap weapon. its somewhat good long distance but if you don't get an accurate shot it knocks your opponent ****ing far off, making you lose his position, or weakening him off for an easy kill by someone else. the maps at first seem huge, but the fast paceness really makes the maps extremely small. this is not good. it seems as if everyone is sprinting all the time, and you can get around in maps extremely fast, that is gay. ut had much more precise movements, it was more skillful.

all in all, ut2k3 is a good game. but i don't think it will have the effect as ut had, or the longevitiy. now..i hope epic fixes a few of these things by the final release. if they do so, than ut2k3 has a chance to become better than ut.
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