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Default Re: Need Professional Opinion.

Originally Posted by Monolyth View Post - This is a Socket 771 meant for the SkullTrail system. If you want to go all-up-ons for a processor you'll want something like this:

But as the others have said I would go with a Q6600 for now. Nehalem is just around the corner take those extra Benjies you save and hold off for a Bloomfield wtfpwnage machine if you really want.

Here's hoping with the destruction of your current board/procs they will finally be the last of the Quad Father's to fall.
Hey, Thanks for your advise,I will wait for the Bloomsfield,Well im done with AMD anyways!
Ive been an AMD boy ever since FOREVER,AMD promised to have future support for these boards,Like Dual Quad,Well I guess thats not going to happen,Thanks again for your support.
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