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Get rid of the 40.41's, they slow you down. After I uninstalled them and installed the 30.82's UT2k3 screamed at maximum settings. BTW get some more ram
After reading the readme file, it basically says, the more ram the better. I have 768mb which is probly another reason it's faster for me.

Originally posted by SnakeEyes
It's pretty awesome. Of course, for me to get performance that I find acceptable, with the kind of IQ I like, I dropped back to 800x600x32, with every setting in the game jacked up, turned on Quincunx and 2x aniso (40.41 dets), and went at it. I still see drops into the 30's in some places (of course, I was in some wacked out player-loaded pubs too, lol). All I can say is it's awesome! On the other hand, I'd like my original sniper rifle back. That lightning gun, while well intentioned, is irritating. Somehow it doesn't feel like it hits where I aim, probably because it doesn't look like it (the lightning arcs toward the target and stuff, but it's exactly that arcing that's weird). And the shock rifle sound is wimpy (still, same as in the leaked version). It'd be nice to have the nice full BOOM back when you combo someone.

Otherwise, I can live with those few things. Time to bring on the retail, and also to get an AthlonXP 2700+ and nV30 (or better, a 3400+ barton and an nV30 ).
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