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Default Re: God bless the Crysis community

Bullet Penetration Mod
Yes, it's true - realistic BP is on the way !

The list of pierceable materials :

- All kinds of wood except for nobullet wood.
- All kinds of glass except for bulletproof glass.
- All kinds of plastic except for bulletproof plastic
- All kinds of flesh (Heads, torso, arms, legs, everything)
- All animals
- Maybe some more I forgot.

List of known bugs :


To do list :

- Make the gaussrifle a non piercing weapon - 100%
- Make AI use this for their advantage - 100%
- Make it all realistic - 100%
- Get a coder to make it so decals will spawn on BOTH sides of ONLY A PIRECEABLE object - 0%
- Get a tester - 100%

Overall Progress - 90%

Notes :
- I dont have any screenshots as I think they're useless.
Maybe I will take a video though.

- AI WILL use this for their advantage too ! If you get behind thin wood you WILL DIE !

- Most enjoyable on DELTA difficulty !

- Wooden huts are not safe anymore !

- You CAN shoot down helicopter pilots this way, I tested it myself !

- The tester of the mod is my friend - flameheader.
DO NOT PM ME OR ASK ME TO BE A TESTER ! THOSE MESSAGES ARE JUST ANNOYING ! Any PM I will get that will have anything to do with this I will just ignore it and delete it without a respond.

- I need a codes to code it so decals will appear on both sides of the shot object (ONLY happen on PIERCEABLE OBJECTS !) - Please PM me if you want to do it, you WILL be credited, AND get the mod one day before the actual release !

- Dont ask me how I did this.
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