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Default Re: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Crash

Originally Posted by whig View Post
That is an issue I have with RtCW over many years. In my testing it isn't video - it's the particular sound card I'm using. Disabling sound completely (s_initsound 0 in game etc), and unloading all snd_ kernel modules sometimes gets me past the occasions where flamethrower is used. The other game which does the same thing is Q3A (RtCW's base engine) binary version (not IOQuake). Playing on an old SBLive sound card (emu10k1 driver) there are no problems, I suspect because it is on this list.
Ah. thanks much for the info. I'd never have figured that out myself. That explains why ioquake3 didn't do this. Strangely, my old sound card didn't do hardware mixing either, and I never had this problem. I wonder if some combination of dmix+aoss+cvar twiddling might help.
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