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ASUS V7100 Pure
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Angry Screen Freezes - RH 9.0

I have similar problems but I believe it relates to the MOBO that I am using, the GA-7VTXE+. I notice that normally, if I first boot to Windows and leave it there for a while (warming the card up I guess) and then boot to RH 9, then the problem USUALLY does not happen (I.e., locks up, cursor still moves). However, if I start from a cold machine and boot directly to RH 9, then a lock up always seems to occur, sometime before the login screen to just after I login.

I did have NvAGP "1" and that seemed to make some difference but in the end I had to go back to the nv driver. I'm not sure if it have to do with the drive strength or the fact it is an ASUS V7100 Pure card GF2 MX 400.

Any ideas?
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