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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by MUFC4EVER View Post
Nice to hear from you cvearl. Long time no speak. Remember LordHawkwind from rage3d? That's me!!

I'm now running the GTX260 and it is an excellent card. Whether it beats your 4870 I don't know but what the hell. How's the family, hope all is well. Rage3d has gone downhill lately as all the good guys seem to have gone.

What do you think?


Nice to see ya bro! Rage is ok. I think it's getting better again. I think all forums go through phases. They all seem to have their share of good guys and smacktards. I will always miss Ratchet and very sad to have lost Vengie. Otherwise it is picking up again. I ignore any smacktards I come across.

4870 vs. 260? Bah. They perform so close in 75% of games that I dare anyone to tell the difference in a blind taste test (in same case) in those games. The other 25% there is likely wins in either direction. Really cannot go wrong with either card. Last year I was an 8800GT ****. This year 4870. Next year who knows!

Everything has been great so far. Thanks for asking. Hope you and yours are having a restfull summer too.

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