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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Originally Posted by Sasha_A View Post
I won't lower myself to your level by calling you a stupid asshole, because I don't visit this forum to insult people; however, I will point out two things:

1) your post makes little to no sense, but..
2) you have managed to at least express your opinion of my arguments; nothing more.

Opinions really aren't very valuable.


happy non-game-playing linux-using customer.
My level? Just look in the sky... That what you wrote in previous posts is such a idiotic crap as I've never read. So I won't express my opinions right now, because answering you is just waste of my time. But if want to go further with such dumb 'arguments' I will answer you (maybe).

happy non-game-playing linux-using customer
Those what we're complaining here about are not games... Do you think you're smarter/better because you don't play games? XD
Not everybody can smoke and drink... xd
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