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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Originally Posted by ZicoTheTux View Post
Seriously: The driver has to be fixed but this "I have paid for this... XYZ" just does not work. No one ever said that. For KDE I'm currently using the nv driver and it works. For games I use xgame for a second session and it's awesome. That would be the easiest workaround.
But saying: "I have paid for this..." gives people right to complain :>. Some 'tricks' like using vesa etc. work in some way, but it's just parody that nvidia customers have to use those tricks. We're waiting more than half year for fixed drivers and such ignorance from nvidia side is just unacceptable (it looks like they have Linux users deep in their as..s) Of course some fanboys (NV guys maybe? and people who don't even know what we're complaining here about) don't see any problems with nvidia drivers.
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