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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I'm not saying it's wrong to address problems. I see those problems as well. But either I am too old to let me slow down by them (haha, got it? *slow down*) or mine are not as bad.

I just agree to the topic: This whole thing mutated to stupid bashing. This won't help in any way. My next card might be an ATI or whatever as well and I am also frustrated I even HAVE to take this step. But unfortunately this is what you have to expect by such a company:
They begin to fix stuff when enough ppl complain about. And before KDE4 was out I DOUNT NVidia gave a sh** about it... as said - you can'T expect more by monopoilists like big N and big A.
I remember ATi some years ago... and some released specs do not convince me it will be any better in the future...
So I keep my tricks and go around the binary stuff if necessary... this makes my life easier and stops me from bashing while I wait for the 177.x release.

If THAT is out, then we can see if I am still that quiet.
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