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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Just to add my 2 pence ... (not cents - i'm British...)

As well as personally purchasing a Nvidia Geforce 2,3,4 and my present geforce 8500 - due to the quality of Linux nvidia drivers since 2003 - every single card has been better (in fps) on Linux than windows (various benchmarks prove this). I have generated Nvidia quite a bit of business.

I have also advised anyone whos asked (i am known as the local IT guru) to buy Nvidia - particularly people who i've convinced to move to Linux - this is been easy amongst my friends - many who have 'hippy ethics' and used computers pre MS domination - many many of whom are ex-amiga users that cannot bear using Windows - i.e - they grew up with a system that worked/didn't crash....)

However now that ATI have opened their drivers I am seriously considering getting their card in my next purchase .

I run multiple distros at work - this has an onboard Intel 915G card and its amazing - compiz / kde4 works really well - even though it's a lame card - also you do not need to reinstall the driver after every kernel upgrade/compile!!!!!

If Nvidia opensources their driver they would win the GPU war on linux easily..........
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