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Default Re: Geforce Physx Card and Overclocking

Originally Posted by k0py View Post
Ok, So my setup consists of a 9800GTX as my primary graphics adapter, and an 8600GT for the Physx side. So, anyone given any thought to overclocking their "Geforce Physx Card". My 8600GT is kinda whimpy and I was concidering oc'ing it. Would this help much? Is it worth the trouble? How could I test my overcloock in a way that would show that the card processing physx was the one artifacting and/or malfunctioning? What does a physx artifact look like? LOL, lots of questins I know. Anyway, I'm gonna give it a go using Rivatuner. I will post back with my results. Any insite or experiences with this would be greatly apreciated.

Thanx Again,
It's not the best for gaming but I'm sure it'd be fine for PhysX. Best thing to do is DL the drivers and demos and do some testing...
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