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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
My bet is that the grenade launcher is another weapon all together.
Yep. The default weapon you spawn with, the machine gun sorta looking thing, also has the grenade launcher built into it. The alt-fire is for grenades, and holding the alt fire button longer before releasing the grenade makes it fire with more force (so a short lob uses a quick touch, which you can blast it a good distance by holding for a bit..).

Hmm.. 3 rocket spread. I liked the 6. But the lack of the grouped or flat spread option is also a bit disappointing. (In UT, fire a 6 rocket spread using the primary held down, and it'll be a flat spread. Start the six pack by hit the primary and holding it, but add-in the alt fire button before releasing the primary, and you get a grouped fire where the rockets all stay close together in a round looking bunch.)

I'll have to mess with the game a bit later today and listen again to the shock sounds, then go into UT and do the same. I still like UT weapon sounds better, mostly. Then again, I'm used to it more, having played it since it originally first came out.
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