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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Now thats what I'm talking about

But truthfully, druids are just...incredibly broken. Now keep in mind broken doesn't mean they suck, not in the slightest.

As resto in arena I cyclone 3 times, feral charge interrupt, bash, root 3 times, cyclone 3 times, rinse repeat...I can basically keep almost anything I want locked down forever and when I do get cc'ed my hots keep ticking so its not as if I am missing anything during this.

As feral in world pvp or bg's...just pvp in tank gear. Ooh mr. huntard just aimed shot crit me for 400hp, too bad my mangle crit just healed me for 600 and hit him for 1500. Only about 40 more aimed shot crits and he might come close to killing me, except he'll be dead long before then.

If those aren't good examples of being overpowered, then I don't know what is. One thing is for sure though, I love my druid so much that I get bored each time I try to make an alt and never gotten any of them past level 10. I just know that when I get to 70 I'll get killed by certain other classes...but I'll kill anything with my druid.

EDIT: My armory links:

My current build (restokin):

Feral tank build cached on be.imba:
Finally a druid that is honest. Most druids are sad. All they know is they can do what they want in a BG and it is easy to play a druid. Then they think it is actually their skill that makes them so good. That isn't the case.

I have seen 3 well geared locks dot the crap out of a druid and the druid's hots heal right through all the damage. That is wrong. This class is so over-powered that as Alpha said, they are broken. They completely threw the balance out when the continued to buff up this class.

The druid was intended to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Now a druid can tank better than a warrior except the end boss in the game. He can out heal a priest and do as much damage as a rogue.

The problem now is every whinny bitch of a druid player will complain as they did for years and still do about being brought back into a more balanced class.

Here is how almost all druids play. They either stealth in or charge is as a bear, start beating the crap out of you. If you seem to get the upper hand they run away then try again. They keep doing this and do nothing to help their side. The constant running away is also done in large groups. The moment they see they can't win they run. Total pussy. I have no respect for anyone who runs from a fight. Dying is no big deal. When you rez you get full health and mana. Durr!
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