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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
I would recommend Vista Codec Pack, but if you don't want that, then at least install Halli Media Splitter, some files like MKV, TS, M2TS etc.. might not play at all without it
Halli Media Splitter is included with CoreAVC

Well, I knew this would come up but I'm going to have to cut some spending on the remaining parts. I really really doubt I'll be able to come up with the $160 to have the Silverstone case shipped. So now, I'll just get a cheap case for the time being and use it until I can scrape the money to get it (Christmas probably). I'll still buy the 500GB or 640GB hard drive but I will also have to wait on Blu-Ray for another month or two.
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