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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
The druid was intended to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Now a druid can tank better than a warrior except the end boss in the game. He can out heal a priest and do as much damage as a rogue.
I think blizzard said the intent is to be able to fill all roles in the game while being as powerful as all classes in those roles but not as versatile. The druid is supposed to do as much damage as a rogue, but no sap, blind, distract, etc, etc. This isn't the case though due to crappy itemization, a well geared feral will only do about 90% of the dps of a rogue (he will do a ton more burst damage though, but ultimately this doesn't mean anything.)

Feral tanks can be a bit overpowered tho In my guild we have a t6 pally and a t5 warrior, and then me a t4 feral tank. Yet in mount hyjal I am still chosen as the main tank because while I take more damage and consume more healer mana than the other tanks, the damage I take is far more consistent so the healers have a lot more room for error because I am highly tolerant of spike damage.

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Here is how almost all druids play. They either stealth in or charge is as a bear, start beating the crap out of you. If you seem to get the upper hand they run away then try again. They keep doing this and do nothing to help their side. The constant running away is also done in large groups. The moment they see they can't win they run. Total pussy. I have no respect for anyone who runs from a fight. Dying is no big deal. When you rez you get full health and mana. Durr!
I usually do this when I am pvping with just me vs a group. I'll pounce stun and generally 5 shot or less to kill the most squishy player in the group, then as the others start pounding on me I'll run off and re-stealth and repeat on another player. Running is necessary though. If you have to die then by the time you make it back, so will one of the ones you just killed and you basically have to start over again. A lot of times I won't even need to do this though. If its me vs two others I'll often pounce stun one (melee) and then beat down the other one (caster,) throw up nature's grasp so the melee guy gets caught in it, once the caster is down cyclone the melee guy and heal myself, then have my way with him.

Because of tactics like this feral druids tend to own bg's and world pvp, but it's not an arena spec at all. We easily do more melee burst damage than anybody and we have great survivability but we lack the ability to lock people down and/or cripple their healing ability. This will change in the expansion though due to the addition of several talents that seem aimed directly at fixing this. You can get decent arena ratings as a feral but it's not easy and the class pairing options you have are highly limited.

Originally Posted by kazna View Post
Since I don't play a druid I haven't followed their wotlk talents that closely, but I did notice they're making feral charge the 21 feral talent. That alone would really help reduce a druids ability to lock down someone if the 51 point resto talent is a must have thing.
Off the top of my head...

Balance is going to get a talent that makes anything they touch get knocked back 5 yards and take 500 base nature damage. While this isn't talent related, the indoor restriction of roots is being removed (thank god.) The 1 minute cooldown on hurricane is being removed. The balance spec should be a lot more pve viable in the expansion whereas right now it is basically just looked at as a mage with no crowd control...people would just rather have the mage.

Feral is going to be given a berzerk talent that breaks all CC's and makes them immune to them for 20 seconds, as well as reducing the energy cost of all cat form abilities by 50% for the duration. Cat form is going to be given a feral charge that works much like rogue shadowstep, except instead of 20% increased damage, we instantly move behind the enemy and then daze them for 3 seconds. We're also being given a talent that makes mangle, shred, and maul apply a 10% movement debuff that stacks up to 5 times.

Resto...I don't remember much but we're going to be given a flash heal that is more powerful the more hots that are stacked, 360% increased armor in tree form with the 20% reduced movement speed removed, another aoe heal, and a talent that makes it so that anybody you put rejuvenate on gets increased rage, energy, or mana regen.

The whole class is getting a big pve nerf though. See, right now when we wipe in raids and 5 mans, we don't have to walk back because we don't resurrect people out of combat since it is a waste of a powerful cooldown. In the expansion however, we are being given a resurrect spell that works just like shaman, pally, priest resurrect. So now we'll have to walk back just like those saps do.
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