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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
they are changing the mechanics of how a lot of the classes work, so what is true now might not be the case later.

and for you pvp people, say what you will but I hate it when your QQing screws up the PvE players.
It was fine before they buffed up druids. The problem with druids isn't that they are not viable in PVE. All the buffs they got over the last year and a half did not help PVE. It helped them in PVP and that is what they were all crying about.

You are a typical druid. You guys cried for two years now you laugh at everyone because you are so over powered. Then when we point it out you act like a jack ass. 90% of all the druids I know have no skill at PVP. They sit back behind their classes ability to instantly switch between forms to get out of immobility, pop out to throw on a hot that heals through incredible damage. No other class can compete. It takes 3 or more to take you guys down and even then you end up running away shouting lawlz and almost all have the same smart ass attitude that you have. Come and play a shadow priest some time and see what it is like to play a well balanced class that can be beaten because you cannot run away.

The very idea that a druid would say anything about qqing is ****ing stupid. You guys have been the biggest bitches in the game.

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
I think blizzard said the intent is to be able to fill all roles in the game while being as powerful as all classes in those roles but not as versatile. The druid is supposed to do as much damage as a rogue, but no sap, blind, distract, etc, etc. This isn't the case though due to crappy itemization, a well geared feral will only do about 90% of the dps of a rogue (he will do a ton more burst damage though, but ultimately this doesn't mean anything.)
There is no reason why a druid should do as much damage as a rogue and that was never their intent. They have said the rogue is supposed to be the top burst DPS melee class.

I don't mind a feral druid doing a lot of damage. I mind them being able to do a lot of damage and never die. That is the problem.
Feral tanks can be a bit overpowered tho In my guild we have a t6 pally and a t5 warrior, and then me a t4 feral tank. Yet in mount hyjal I am still chosen as the main tank
Exactly. Warriors are not needed any more. I have a tank pally and he is so much better at tanking than my warrior tank whom I used for two and a half years. It isn't even a contest. Just because a warrior can be un-crushable in one or two instances does not mean people need them.

I usually do this when I am pvping with just me vs a group. I'll pounce stun and generally 5 shot or less to kill the most squishy player in the group, then as the others start pounding on me I'll run off and re-stealth and repeat on another player. Running is necessary though. If you have to die then by the time you make it back, so will one of the ones you just killed and you basically have to start over again. A lot of times I won't even need to do this though. If its me vs two others I'll often pounce stun one (melee) and then beat down the other one (caster,) throw up nature's grasp so the melee guy gets caught in it, once the caster is down cyclone the melee guy and heal myself, then have my way with him.
Most druids don't achieve anything by doing this. You can get back there after you die and do the same thing. Druids do it just so they don't die and they always leave their group hanging with out a healer.

And you see what I mean about your ability to be a one man team? It is plain dumb how many tools you guys have to take on one or more. My shadow priest can only dream of doing this. I don't mind that I can't do it but damn no one class should have this much power.

I don't want my class or any other class buffed up. I want druids to have certain restrictions such as time and what not on their casts.
Because of tactics like this feral druids tend to own bg's and world pvp, but it's not an arena spec at all. We easily do more melee burst damage than anybody and we have great survivability but we lack the ability to lock people down and/or cripple their healing ability. This will change in the expansion though due to the addition of several talents that seem aimed directly at fixing this. You can get decent arena ratings as a feral but it's not easy and the class pairing options you have are highly limited.
I hope they do fix it. It isn't just me but most of the WoW community sees the problem with druids. They did the same thing to shamen during the first year. They were unkillable almost and then they balanced them out a bid. They might be a bit underpowered but Im not sure.

All I want is a balance in the force. I know to many people who have quit because of druids in PVP. Like it or not PVP is a huge part of this game.
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