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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
I should note to your little QQing tirade that I don't and have never played a resto druid. The only druid that can hot themselves out of death are the restos. If you think a feral in feral gear can hot heal that kind of damage then you must be playing some other game.

What changed in a lot of this was arena. When it was just BG's nobody cared about this kind of thing. Suddenly you put in 2v2 brackets where some of the druid mechanics do very well when paired with certain classes... one of them warriors, but I didn't see you complaining about OP warriors in PvP... so much for wanting balance.

The rest of the WoW community wants druids to be easy kills, because that's what they where before TBC. Suddenly when they become a challenge to people who are used to rolling their faces on their keyboard people cry.
If any one says anything about druids you and they get offended. I don't care what class it is. Druids are way over powered and everyone but selfish druids like you disagree.

I don't do arenas. I just do regular BGs. Druids are ridiculous and have been for a long time.

What is even more annoying is the typical 14 year old attitude like yours that says qq, crying and what not.

Warriors are not over powered. They have to have gear for everything. They have no natural way to do for them selves that druids can do. For a warrior to hit like a mac truck they have to work hard to get that gear. Yet when a druid gets the same gear they are almost god like.

I have a lot of problems with warriors. They are immune to almost all my fear and mind control. I have no way to get away from a warrior. Sure its a problem but it doesn't mean warriors are over powered. It just means my class has a very tough time with this melee class. In short warriors are very well balanced. It is druids that are not balanced and your only reply is "we have to spec into that". That still means you can do it. No one else can.

Pallies were once up where you guys are but they can be handled now. The only other class that is just silly are hunters. They have an answer to everything I or any other class can throw at them. A hunter can run in, strip me of all my buffs, pop me out of shadow, stun me, be immune to my fear and unload massive damage on me. Still I can kill most hunters because hunters like druids are crappy players. They sit behind their classes abilities but don't know how to really play the game.

Please, bring more to the table other than the typical little kid reply of "qq".
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