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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Respectfully that can't be right though. Burst damage is the ability to be able to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, but not necessarily over long periods of time. Contrast that to DPS which is sustained damage over time. Ferals are better at the first, but worse at the later.
I understand that. My problem is not with actual damage done by druids. It is their ability to survive while doing good damage. They can kill a couple of people with the same gear and then run off.

Hmm...I dunno. Even though I absolutely love my class and spec pve wise, druids are easily the weakest of the 3 tanking classes. We're the only tank that actually cannot tank some raid bosses where the other tanks can. Some that come to mind are tidewalker and illidan, though I believe there are at least 6 or so. Some fights a warrior will fare much better than a paladin due to his spell reflect, last stand, etc. In spite of that though, druids are still fun to tank with.
This is true. My point is when you have people wanting druids over warriors for regular instances, that means heroic 5 mans, there is a problem.

I love tanking with my pally. Holding aggro is just silly. Oh and druids hold aggro better than warriors. You have to admit that is true. Warriors do have better defensive abilities.

Well you only have 50% health and mana, whereas they can heal their man that just resurrected. Unless he decides to sit and drink...god I love it when people do this...see, many people don't realize that while sitting, any attack that lands on you is guaranteed to crit, and when ravage crits it will f*cking hurt
Which is why I have my bubble up 24/7 I speced into improved shield and inner fire. I am fairly hard to take down even though I am a squishie. I have 12k hp when buffed. The rest that keeps me alive is my skill. I am not the best at 1v1 but I can wreak havoc in a group setting. I support the other players by stripping people, dotting them up and vpe to aid in a bit of healing and there is nothing that will piss a druid, rogue or warrior off like me bubbling my buddy and no damage can get through for 4 hits. I do love that.

Eh...I dunno. We have this disc/shadow priest on my server named funkmonk who is known for trashing whole groups of people. But its not just him, I've seen a shadow priest take on groups of 3. I remember one time watching one in halaa mind control somebody off of a cliff, psychic scream the other two and burst them down while they were running around.
Yes a top gear and well skilled shadow priest can do this. They are rare. Noxn who is the best shadow priest in this game basically quite because of the class unbalance. As good as he was, even he realized how hard it was to be a shadow priest. I don't complain about my class because I love the challenge. We are most likely hated more than any other class.
Any way I think my class is perfect as is.

Have a look at the edit I made to the end of my last post
I read it. Thanks

I don't want a huge nerf given to druids. Just some slight adjustments to them will balance them out.
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