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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Warriors are not over powered. They have to have gear for everything. They have no natural way to do for them selves that druids can do. For a warrior to hit like a mac truck they have to work hard to get that gear. Yet when a druid gets the same gear they are almost god like.
Hmm...not really. Druids are very gear dependent. I myself carry 4 complete sets of gear on me at all times, and then mix and match a few for different purposes. I have a resto pve and pvp set, I have a feral pvp and feral tanking set, and then I use a combination of items from those sets to form a kitty dps set. In spite of that my dps is typically ranked 5 at best in 25 man content (although I could improve it if I wanted to, but I haven't ever really put any major focus on my dps gear.)

In fact if you look at druid pvp sets, there are 3 completely different sets for a druid, which means if we want to play all of our specs we have to do a LOT more grinding than a warrior would.

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Pallies were once up where you guys are but they can be handled now. The only other class that is just silly are hunters. They have an answer to everything I or any other class can throw at them. A hunter can run in, strip me of all my buffs, pop me out of shadow, stun me, be immune to my fear and unload massive damage on me.
Pally...bring it to near death, bubble n heal. Bring it to near death again, lay on hands. Then finally kill it. Basically just a class that you have to kill 3 times before it finally goes away. Most paladins seem to like to bubble and hearth before you ever get to the third time though. Most cowardly class in the game IMO.

Hunter...stupid easy class to kill, in fact I'd say this has to be the easiest. The good hunters try to use frost trap which is hard for me to powershift through, but feral charge gets them in the end. The crappy hunters try snake trap or explosive trap.

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Still I can kill most hunters because hunters like druids are crappy players. They sit behind their classes abilities but don't know how to really play the game.
I still to this day get tons of people, especially warriors and hunters, who I know whats going on their head is "Oh look a druid, that should be easy enough to kill," run after me and start hitting, only to have me turn around and wreck them.
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