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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
and that is why a lot of the wow community is pissed druids have become a powerful class in tbc. You can argue many classes are overpowered depending on what class point of view you come from, but as soon as you take a class that used to suck and make it a viable class people complain.
I wanted you to know this isn't about you personally or me. This is only about the game.
I don't want this to be a pissing match between two people who prolly would get along great. You just happen to be a druid poopoophead.

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
Point taken that yes I got a bit touchy about it. However to be honest if people came in here and did nothing but complain about warriors that things are not as easy as everyone thinks it is.
I understand that. We all take these games way to serious. And I was being a bit of a jerk about the playing style of druids. Still I am the type of player who will stick with the battle till I die. I never run. I do things to be crafty to stay alive longer but I will not just cut and run. That's not my style.

That being said people complain about druids because there is a problem with the class. Again I am not asking for a decrease in their damage. That is fine. They just need a bit of a fine tune to keep them from holding off 4-5 people while killing a couple. That is way to common in this class. Sure a good player with good gear can do this every once in a while. I can hold off a lot of people in the right circumstances but it is rare.

BTW we are both horde. We should be hating Alliance and not each other.
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