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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
tbh my real issue with a lot of this stems from the fact when a lot of this stuff started the druid class forums turned to trash. Used to be a haven of druid help and tips and what not. Now you have every 2nd post about someone QQing about druids. It gets frustrating.
You mean the WoW froum? Pfft I do not go there. I stepped in there once and ran out 30 IQ points lower.
The current mechanics they have in druids IS broken in that if they fix something that would tone down resto druids a bit to make PvP people happy, PvE resto druids or feral/balance druids get boned. The current mechanics they made for druids either make them really good or incredibly worthless.
I still think they will be fine in PVE. The reason being in a raid situation you do not need to do the same kinds of form changing and what not to get out of snares and such.

BTW when I was an off-tank I always demanded a resto druid. This was back when BWL was teh top raid. Everyone knew that resto druids were the best single person healer. My druid and I were the core of our raid. They knew if anything went wrong I would pick up 4 or 5 mobs and my druid would keep me alive. That was good times.

A lot of this seems to be changing in WoLK, and who knows for the better or worse. Give me a cat form that closes its damn mouth and I will be happy.
Or just give you a dish of water to quench ur thurst.
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