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Default Re: Question about Coax Monster cables?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post

It's not worth it. With digital cable you are better getting a decent cheap brand. Digital does not suffer from interference. You either get a full signal, or nothing at all. The only reason you get a decent brand it for good fittings and flexibility. Monster is not a good brand, it's a scam.

Ask anyone here, they will say do not buy Monster for digital.

LOL what the hell? $35 for a 6ft jumper with no snap and seal connector?

Beside the fact that you have either good cable coming into your house or old rg59 unshielded garbage or not you are not going to loose any signal off a 6ft. Jumper.
100ft of rg6 shielded cable loses 6db of signal.

I work for a cable company as a service tech and that cable is no good. Hook up a house with 6 tv's and you may take out a node if you are on cable tv I would not get those.

If I came to your house I would remove those and replace them with our cable and charge you $30 trip charge.

If I were you I would go to my local cable office and ask for a couple jumpers. At least I know we will make them for you on the spot no questions asked and no charge.

Amazes me how uneducated the general public is when it comes to cable connectors/cable.

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