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Default help =o

xrefresh zombies for some odd reason if i load X for the first time after i reboot but if i logout and log back in it doesnt zombie, it only does on a reboot anyone know why this would occur or does anyone have a work around for this?

xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2 3 6 4 5"
sleep 2 && exec root-tail -i 8 -color rgb:cd/e0/7b -shade -g 110x74+5+20 -font fixed /var/log/messages,white /var/log/secure,white,'ALERT' &
sleep 2 && exec root-tail -i 8 -shade -g 90x74+700+20 -font fixed /www/logs/access_log,white,'ALERT' &
sleep 3 && exec xrefresh -black &
exec lineakd -b -f /home/gimpy/.lineak/lineakd.conf &
exec fluxbox
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