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Default Re: friend casts doubts over my TV choice

Sony sets are not that great. I've owned the V and Z series in the past, and I'm NOT going back to Sony TV's ever. Their PQ is definitely inferior to Samsung counterparts...

If I were you I would stick with Samsung TV's. There's a reason why they pretty much hold a third of the worlds LCD hdtv market lol. Btw, their new 9 series is going to blow away the sony's xbr8 (which I HATE the looks of, those dumbo earlike side speakers are the ugliest additions to an HDTV yet). Or you can vouch for the 850/860s which have slim bezel and blue color infused into the bezel glass, instead of the red as in 6/7 series.

EDIT: you probably wouldn't want the consistent sparkle issue of the sony sets. That drove me CRAZY, to the point that I actually did NOT want to turn my TV on, defeating the purpose of me buying it in the first place lol...
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