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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Was thinking about HTPC, but purchased this, IAMM NTD38HD:

Very happy with the device Internal 2" LCD can be used to browser music collection without switching-on TV, and it can play almost any SD/HD video format.
That's a nifty little device!

I played around last night with MediaMonkey, converting songs in to different loseless file formats when I finally realized something. Most of my music library (99%) have been transferred from one PC to another: when I ripped all of my CDs a few years ago, I just ripped them into the standard iTunes default of 128k AAC formatted M4As, nothing high quality. So I took a few songs, converted them into 2 other formats: WMA loseless and 320k MP3. I listened to the whole song, speakers and headphones, and could not hear a difference in the audio quality. I also looked at the file size of WMA lossless and wow, it does take up quite a bit of HDD space.

I decided to just transfer all of my music to either 128k or 320k MP3s since I won't be losing any real audio quality.
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