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Default dvi output from Ti4200 stopped working

Last night it was running a screensaver when the screen "pixellated". This has happened before and I blame Nvidia's drivers for it - the video card becomes confused; it is still updating the video output, but all that displays on the monitor are large rectangular blocks of roughly the same color filled with smaller rectangular pixels, all flashing and changing. I have to login remotely and do a _cold_ reboot to reset the video card (a warm reboot will not fix it).

Unfortunately last night, when the computer rebooted there was no signal from the main, dvi, output. I have a Dell 2000fp UltraSharp LCD display connected on the dvi output (using dvi-d connector), and an old crt monitor on the vga output. I am still seeing output to the crt monitor.

I have tried an extended power off (and pulling the power cord), and also disconnecting vga output, but no glo. Before you ask, no, there is no output even at boot (before an OS has even been addressed). The output is simply gone. I wish there were some way I could "force a reset" on this card, as it seems to me it must still be working - I had output (even if pixellated) until I rebooted.

Anything I can do?
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