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Originally Posted by 12axing View Post
OS: Windows Vista 32 bit, Service pack 1
board: asus striker II formula, nforce 780i sli
cpu: intel core2quad q6600 , 2.4 ghz
ram: DDR2-RAM KIT 2,048 GB, PC2-1066 MHz, CL5, CORSAIR Dominator Series, EPP
gpu: evga geforce gtx 280
hdd: samsung sataII 500 gb T166 16MB 7200
dvd: dvd-+R/-+RW SATA LG GH20NS, bulk
power supply: be quiet! e5-550W-2.2 straight power bqt
chassis: miditower cooler master stacker rc-832, atx
Bolded parts are likely your problem. You have an off-brand power supply whose total wattage is less than what NVIDIA recommends (575W minimum for a GTX 280). Upgrade your power supply to at least 600W and choose from any number of name-brand units (Corsair, OCZ, etc). If you also had a similar problem with another type of system, you may also have some issues with the power running to your house. In that case, you should also invest in some kind of surge protector/battery backup.
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