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Default My 4870x2 vs 4870 tests

Another benchmark run, I will use 90% of the games used in my previous test. Games that have been excluded are:

- Assassin's Creed, because I have lost the savegame point
- Lord of the Rings Online, because testing was done in DX10 and after latest LOTRO patch DX10 is broken, it "kind of" works but it's unstable and the option for DX10 distant landscape has been disabled by developers, so comparison wouldn't be fair.

I have added a couple of new games that I didn't bench on the 8800GTX, but I have tested with the 4870 before removing it:

- Call of Juarez DX10 Benchmark
- Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts Benchmark
- Timeshift

The following settings are used:

- Resolution 1920x1200
- 4xMSAA (unless other specified)
- 16xAF
- Vsync disabled
- Default video card clocks
- 3 Ghz CPU speed (333x9)
- Vista Home Premium x64 SP1
- Catalyst 8.6 Hotfix for the 4870 / 8.8 Beta (8.52.6) for the x2
- AA and AF always from game setup, not forced via drivers

To do: Full Crysis benchmarks (very soon) and Lord of the Rings Online benchmarks (when Turbine fixes DX10)

On the left you get a graph with the FPS of the scene that you can see on the right in both cards. In games where I have used the built-in benchmark, you will get minimum, average and maximum.

Half Life 2 Episode 2

As you can see, Half Life 2 scales great on the first levels, but the last two show very similar performance. I don't know if it depends on the kind of scene, but it looks like Crossfire scaling is not constant in this game. I have re-run the last two tests many times, obtaining very similar numbers. I have noticed in those maps that the fan of the card does not spin as fast as in the others, it looks like the driver isn't enabling Crossfire, maybe it has something to do with Catalyst AI, or maybe is some kind of CPU bound. I would like that anybody with this card could test those maps too (just start a new game and go directly to chapters 6 and 7).


Fantastic performance here, close to double performance. But as in Half Life 2, I wonder whether it will be constant all the game. Sandly I didn't take other screenshots of other parts of the game with the 4870, but I will if I find out how to disable one of the cores and run with Crossfire disabled.

BloodRayne 2 (Walterman's FSAA patch)

This old DX8 game, although greatly enhanced by Walterman's patch, shows a small performance decrease with Crossfire

Devil May Cry 4

Another title that scales very good. Performance is insane.
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