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Default Re: My 4870x2 vs 4870 tests

Crysis 64bit (DX9 High no AA)

Crysis performs really well on the 4870x2, AA is free, even at 8x in DX9. I did this bench without AA, but more Crysis benchmarks will be available soon with high AA modes

Gears of War (DX10)

Another title with irregular performance, the x2 reaches full 60 fps in some of the levels where the 4870 couldn't, however there are a couple of maps where it reaches the same FPS. Very strange.

Race Driver Grid

Almost double performance again, Grid really loves ATI 4000 cards


I have no words for this one, it's amazing to watch Stalker with a high detail mod pumping 120 frames per second. Double performance, rock on!

Shadowgrounds Survivor

This game also benefits from the dual 4870, nice performance boost.

Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts

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