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Default Dual Monitor Problem With GEForce FX 5200

I have had a dual monitor display running for some time (3+ years) with a GEForce FX 5200 card. The card itself has only one DVI out but to this I have connected a splitter, and then two monitors plugged into it. I also have the nView software installed and so I have been able to customize by putting different backgrounds on my two monitors, etc. The primary monitor is a Dell UltraSharp 18" and the secondary is a Gateway FPD1830. Things have been running along just fine like this for a few years now until a few days ago.

Last week I rebooted my machine (usually leave it running always so I can VPN in from home and do a reboot 1-2 times per week) and then the dual display stopped working. Everything squished over to my Gateway and it became the primary and the Dell monitor is no longer recognized. When I go to display properties it only lists the one monitor and doesn't give me the option to enable a second monitor. It is as if I had only one monitor plugged in.

Now, if I swap the cables so that the Gateway is plugged into the #1 slot and the Dell is plugged into the #2 spot, the display switches over to the Dell monitor so I know the monitor is working. However, if I look in properties under my nView software it still "thinks" it is the Gateway monitor. No amount of scanning for hardware detects the second monitor. I have reinstalled the drivers, swapped out the video card (had a spare one at work), swapped out the splitter cable, and swapped out the monitor cable and nothing seems to help. It is doing the exact same thing.

I'm thinking it must be something with the driver or my Windows install that got hosed somehow after all the other troubleshooting I've done, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this short of doing a system reinstall.

I appreciate any help you can give.
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