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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

GTX 260 GX2 will kicks the 4870x2's Ass
The GTX260 is currently a bit behind a single HD4870 in performance, so no, not likely.

Where the F do you pull this crap out of? Go away.

Is that some sort of bi- tri- combination? I'm sure not manufacturers support BRIlinear.
Where did you get that BS from? The IQ of ATI cards is exactly the same as Nvidia cards currently. That means they use bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic filtering as their methods of texture filtering.
"Brilinear" filtering is an optimization meant to give near tr-linear quality, at a near bi-linear performance hit. During the GeForce FX days, NV did this whenever you picked trilinear as an option, and they caught hell for it. With the 6/7 series, it was the default option, but going to HQ settings removed it.

ATI then started using the optimization on the Radeon 9600 series (the 9700/9800 don't use it). In a test, it shows up as full tri-linear, but in a game, it uses bri-linear. It was a cheat on their part, and not one of their better days. It was discovered when people found out through benchmarks that when using colored mipmaps, ATI cards would offer worse performance.

This was confirmed, again, on the Radeon 9600XT (the only r300 card to use it), as well as the entire r400 line. I haven't heard of anything on this subject with r500 and beyond. But, the only way to see it was in benchmarks. The quality difference really is negligible. Performance increases can be substantial in some cases though.
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