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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
This all may be true 5 years ago when NV was doing some sneaky optimizations as well. Today it is totally irrelevant.
And I stated as much, that it was an issue with GF FX and R400, but nothing recent.

Originally Posted by buicks suck View Post
benchmarks @ beyond 3d indicate that ati's hq af is inferior to the 8, 9, and GTX 200 series HQ AF.
While this is true, it takes a keen eye on the benchmark to notice the difference. In real work, it's too close to call.

Originally Posted by cvearl View Post
I own both brands and have first hand "eye test" knowledge.

Say whatever you want but it's very much a draw in the games I and other members of my family play.

There are a few games where you can say... hey. This looks better on ATI and a few games the other way and the vast majority of the rest would fail in a blind taste test using the most rabid of fanboys.

Your comments = teh false.

Actually CV, it's been proven that NV G80 and beyond AF is actually superior to ATI's implementation, but by a nutt-hair at best. It is possible to see the difference with colored mip-maps, but in a real world gaming environment, anyone who claims to see a difference is likely lying. I think NV overreacted a bit due to all of the G70 shimmering complaints. They could likely "downgrade" to ATI's AF implementation, get the same quality visuals, and get a small performance boost.
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