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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
And I stated as much, that it was an issue with GF FX and R400, but nothing recent.

While this is true, it takes a keen eye on the benchmark to notice the difference. In real work, it's too close to call.

Actually CV, it's been proven that NV G80 and beyond AF is actually superior to ATI's implementation, but by a nutt-hair at best. It is possible to see the difference with colored mip-maps, but in a real world gaming environment, anyone who claims to see a difference is likely lying. I think NV overreacted a bit due to all of the G70 shimmering complaints. They could likely "downgrade" to ATI's AF implementation, get the same quality visuals, and get a small performance boost.
I notice shimmering with my parents 1900xtx at hq af, and with catalyst ai disabled and adaa enabled.

To me the difference in the aftester look pretty big to me.

I won't be surprised though if nvidia does downgrade to ati's "hq" af. I'm sure they would've had they known that so many people are unfortunately indifferent to nvidia's superior af.

Keep in mind, ati didn't have the best filtering in mind with the r500 b/c there's no hw filtering for fp16 textures. it does it thru shaders. less than near perfect filtering is unnacceptable, imo.
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