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Originally posted by OWA
Since my botmatch scores basically stay the same no matter the what the resolution is, what is that saying? Am I CPU limited, GPU limited or a combo of both?

XP 2000+ / Ti4600 / 512M / WinXP SP1 / nVidia 40.41 (no AA)

Flyby: 77.64
Botmatch: 44.89

Flyby: 113.102
Botmatch: 51.44

Flyby: 144.94
Botmatch: 52.51

Flyby: 157.64
Botmatch: 52.87
CPU limited for sure. With that card you should have no prob. Even my bro with a P4 2.4 and a R9700 cant get any higher than 65-68 fps no matter what setting those ****ing bots suck lotta CPU power!!!!. As UT this game will be very CPU limited so as a card bench it will suck like UT, too.
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