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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
GTX280 = about 400
4870x2 = about 550

prices are not about the same
Hahaha. With rebates it's $410 But anyway you are so funny. The moment there is a pricve drop (about 1 every 2 weeks lately on the GTX200's) you start a $$$ comparison. Guess we have to see where ATI drop the price to in a week.

Maybe they can't? I guess we shall see.

Oh and 4870 is $250 with Grid included and there are GTX260's hitting that price point now. So is that GTX280 worth $410 now? See everyone can do that. *EDIT* removed nana emote so I don't hurt anyones feelings. But I know what you were getting at. IMO with 4870 and GTX260 hitting the $250 mark, I do not believe the 280 and 4870x2 are worth the asking price now.

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