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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by MisterMister View Post
A) You're telling me that there is already a $150.00 rebate on a brand new top line card, which just came out a few days ago? I'd have to see that to believe it...
...of course, I suppose you could have been talking about the 280, in which case, do you really need the definition of "about" spelled out for you? I.E. "about $400.00"?

B) If you had bothered reading the thread (hell, he even quoted it for you), you would have seen that what he said was in response to another poster saying the HD4870x2 "cost about the same" as the 280GTX. He didn't "start a $$$ comparison" as you say.

C) Within this specific discussion, who said anything about the standard HD4870? Besides you of course. Oh wait... no one.

D) Not everyone wants GRID, so IDK WTF your point is with that one. Besides anyone with google can find a bajillion offers of the same ilk with Nvidia cards. That's a total wash not to mention pointless.

You may remove the foot from your mouth now.
Ouch. You sure showed me. I will think twice before responding to threads from now on.

But I doubt it.

OK. I'll talk slower for the cheap seats...

The $410 was for the GTX280. But I was wrong anyway... The BFG 280 just hit $389. Holy @#$^!!!

The rest of my comments were for him and addmittedly in a context meant for him but certainly was not a personal attack as you make it out to be. Probably not well executed on my part. But no where near worthy of your glorious post.

Winner of the over-reaction award..... You. With me as a runner up. HAHAHA!

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