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Originally posted by KillerG
Hey, anyone got the juice on configuring the demo for Surround Gaming mode on the Parhelia? I doubt it is gonna be fast enough to play after looking over Mike's performance numbers on the news page but I gotta give it a go.


Here you go:

1. go to the installed directory
2. go to the /system/ subdirectory
3. edit the ut2003.ini file
4. go the the section [windrv.windowsclient]
5. find the line FullscreenViewportX= set it to 2400
6. find the line FullscreenViewportY= set it to 600
7. add the line ScaleHUDX=0.33333 to the end of THIS SECTION
8. save/quit
9. run game
10. once PLAYING, hit TAB, type FOV 138. FOV should get adjusted
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