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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

The HD 4870 X2 may be the fastest overall single card, but it is more expensive than the GTX 280 and has a higher power draw with just as much if not more generated heat. Dual-GPU cards are also problematic with certain games. We know that they just don't scale as well as single-GPU cards like the GTX 280 and then there's the dreaded micro-stuttering. If I had my choice, I would always go with a single-GPU card. Now that the GTX 280 has dropped to about $400, I think it's a better deal than the 4870 X2 at $550. On the other hand, the regular HD 4870 is a better buy at under $289 than the GTX 280. There is no question that ATI has won the price-performance round this time. The 4870 X2 is only for those who want the fatest card and money is no object.
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