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Default Re: My 4870x2 vs 4870 tests

i do use the ccc 2.21 lvl5 and i used the demo from the folder custom benchmarks or so

and i got this as 3:rd run result
!TimeDemo Run 3 Finished.
Play Time: 141.50s, Average FPS: 28.98
Min FPS: 16.81 at frame 3944, Max FPS: 45.51 at frame 1733
Average Tri/Sec: 6298332, Tri/Frame: 217364
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 0.06
TimeDemo Play Ended, (4 Runs Performed)

noo AA set in the benchmarktool

butt in ATI CCC i have 8xaa+Widetent=in some kind of 16xAA setting
AF 16X hig Q
adaptive aa on supersampling
mipmaps on QUality

is it good for my system?
Intel I7 920
gigabyte HD6970 2gb
Asus P6t deluxe V2

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