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Dell Precision 530
Dual Xeons 1.7ghz
450 W psu
768 MB Rdram
No other cards in machine.
(brand new sony trinitron monitor with shielded cables and ferrites)

FX 5900 Ultra from EVGA

Am in total flicker hell, same problems as most 3D unsupportable for some games (way to much flicker) and 2D desktop when switching or using any 3d app.

Posted a set of theories and discussions over at EVGA but they have been mentioned here also so i think the topic as how why this might be happening is pretty much covered.

My big worry : 500$ down the drain because it seems to be more and more a design problem ?
I become even more worried because after Nvidia did confirm the problem there is no more news are info from them not even a little promise they would help us. With such great engineers and people workjing at NVIDIA by now they shoudl have ideas and probable causes at least. But no word.

I dont want any other brand of card i like Nvidia cards.
But why in this industry are we as consumer so totallymistreated and disrespected it is still a card of 500$ but we get treated like we bought a can of coke and sorry bad design buy new one when we got a better design ?

I am sure some might find me a little ciritical but this issue is now going on for more then a month and NVIDIA knew this for more then a month !! Like I said NVIDIA has great engineers and many people if they wanted they could have by now come up atleast with some probable causes and most likely some kind of solution, i honestly got a feeling this is put on the backburner (well when we got no info we only can assume the worst).

Please NV enlighten us and help us like loyal customers deserve it. Your high range cards are bought by a hard core fan base (just like apple stays alive due to its fan base, or the star trek franchise). Treat them with RESPECT.
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