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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

there is a way to take "super screenshots" not exactly sure if they are better quality or what but heres a couple...keep in mind graphics for beta are set to low/medium and don't represent finished product.

this is a lvl 31 premade shaman in tier 4 for testing. The gear is average blues/greens with a couple dyes I threw on for dramatic effect

when players are mounted the animations are really cool. He looks back when I go backwards and covers his eyes when I make the wolf jump. The mountains missing int he background are a known bug that was recently introduced I believe.

heres an RVR shot in tier 4. I hopped up on a mountain and was shooting down on Order to keep from getting melee raped. After about 10 minutes that turned from a 20vs20 fight to about 100-120 person brawl for a Keep.

last shot for now is a baby Black Orc doing a public quest. I haven't really messed with the UI editor yet, but you can basically adjust every windows scale and location individually.
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